Richard Foster is a photographer/director specialising in luxury still life. Working from his West London studio with his in-house production team and retouch suite, Foster is producing high end editorial stories and commercial campaigns through both stills and moving image.

Richard Foster’s practice starts with a study of an object, with an attention to unexpected details and a focus on form. He uses light, and how light shapes each element, to abstract beauty from within the subject. Foster uses each opportunity, from a personal idea, to a brand collaboration to bring together the tangible components, combining and pushing these to a create visually heightened results.

In 2019, Richard Foster published his second book Monumental Landscapes, a collaboration with renowned sculptor Nic Fiddian Green which explores the romance of the artist’s monumental artworks and processes. The book was launched alongside an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery before moving on to be exhibited at Mayfair gallery Sladmore Contemporary.

Renowned for drawing & highlighting detail in each image, Richard has built a portfolio of work with brand giants such as Burberry, De Beers, Fendi, Gucci, Patek Philippe, Johnnie Walker, Rolls Royce & Vogue.

Click here for a bespoke presentation from Richard Foster's archive.

Richard Foster